Blueface is roasting his own mother for dissing Jaidyn Alexis in response to the couple's new interview on The Jason Lee Show.

Blueface Clowns His Mom for Response to New Interview

On Thursday (Oct. 19), Blueface reacted to his mom's negative response to his recent two-hour sit-down with Jason Lee. The Los Angeles rapper poked fun at his mother for getting mad about being accused of being toxic by Blue's children's mother and artist, Jaidyn Alexis.

"Aye what do Karlissa be talking about," Blue typed on X, formerly known as Twitter, along with a crying laughing emoji. "You is too old for this [for real]," he added.

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Blueface's Mom Speaks Out After Jason Lee Interview

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis' new interview on The Jason Lee Show has been the talk of the internet since it dropped on Wednesday (Oct. 18). Apparently, Blueface's mother was watching, and she had some harsh words for Jaidyn's comments about her being toxic.

"We can talk about a whole bunch of s**t that drove me f**king crazy," Karlissa snapped in the Instagram Live video. "Like, you and your drunk-a** mammy sitting at the f**king table whining about some d**k all day when I'm trying to run a f**king business."

She continued: "You moved out because your man was over there with a Black girl and you couldn't do s**t about it. You took my daughter up over there and got her into that bulls**t. Got her into a fight with the girl. The girl lost her tooth. All that bulls**t was your s**t."

The new interview also included Blueface telling a wild story about Jaidyn Alexis catching him and Chrisean Rock having sex, the rapper admitting he posted the photo of his son's hernia and explaining why, spilling tea on alleged celebrity hookups and more.

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Watch Blueface's mother dissing Jaidyn Alexis below.

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