Blueface is facing backlash on social media for saying it's a fact that all Black women would rather be single moms on government assistance than have a man.

Blueface Makes Controversial Comment on X

On Wednesday (Dec. 27), Blueface offered the false claim on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he presented as fact about how Black women feel about relationships.

"All black women would choose to be single moms on government assistance over any man that’s been scientifically proven before Blueface don’t blame me," the Los Angeles rapper wrote, along with a crying laughing emoji.

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People on Social Media React to Blueface Comment

People on social media were quick to call out the "Thotiana" rapper for his inaccurate statement.

"I think the elevator don't go to the top floor," one person replied to Blueface's post, questioning the rapper's intelligence.

"If you got a man like blueface yea your def better off single," another response reads.

"You're moving like a man that had no father growing up in his house hold," another person commented. "I give you a pass bc you don't know better. BW like me who come from 2 parent home where there's home training know your a clown who entertains people. I can appreciate that. Laughter is soul food."

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Check out more reactions to Blueface's post about Black women below.

See People Responding to Blueface's Comment About Black Women

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