ScienZe reconnects with Blu for "Water to Wine," the newest single from his upcoming EP Kind of Dessert. It's the follow up and sort of the second course to Good Food that dropped earlier this year. Over the Black Spade-produced banger, which has additional saxophone added by Hailey Niswanger, ScienZe and Blu form a unruly combo.

"A brother coming 30 in another couple days/The sun feels good when I think about sun waves," raps the Brooklyn native in the first verse. Blu comes in on the second verse and knocks the song out the ballpark, "Got to shine like the sun on the water/I'm the son, got a daughter." The former XXL Freshman is currently has a few projects out right now (Titans In The Flesh with Nottz and Open Your Optics To Optimism with Fate).

In a recent interview, ScienZe spoke about how recent times influenced his writing.

"I haven’t been writing so much lately, but I’d say the social climate we’re in has influenced my mood, and thought process in planning music out," he said. "Things need to be said so I’ve thought about how to sprinkle that in. Make it a message that is heard. Try to affect change and also let fans know what’s going on out here. I’ve done two special verses for collabs that touch on it heavy."

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