Blu and Nottz return. Recently, the two MC's pulled up with "Yesterday," an unreleased cut that finds both rappers flaunting the skills that made them famous.

Spitting over a ghostly instrumental, Blu and Nottz both go in. "Sun, moon, stars and space/She talkin' 'bout a bigger place, different pacers, different broads to chase/A lost race—all race, for all races/I'm tryna re-paint what yesterday is," Blu spits on the track.

For his part, Nottz picks up the story by detailing a bit of his past experiences with poverty. "I hate to be killing the mood/But I was six, and the church was still bringing us food/So looking back to when our pockets was flat/Mama's cooking was fresh, situation was wack," he raps.

"Yesterday" will find a home on a new Coalmine Records-reissued edition of Blu and Nottz's two projects, Gods In Spirit (2013) and Titans In The Flesh (2016). The reissued edition of both projects will be merged into one, titled simply, Gods In Spirit, Titans In The Flesh, and it drops on April 13.

Listen to "Yesterday" below. Peep the video for Blu and Exile's "Constellations" when you're done with that.

Blu and Nottz's Gods In Spirit, Titans In The Flesh Reissue Tracklist

1. "Atlantis"
2. "Boyz II Men" featuring Nitty Scott
3. "Creme of the Crop featuring Versis & ScienZe
4. "Crooks in Castles" featuring Anthem, Homeboy Sandman, Sene & Johaz
5. "To the East" featuring Definite Mass, Tristate, Mickey Factz & Johaz)
6. "Giant Steps" featuring Bishop Lamont, Torae & Skyzoo)
7. "The Man" featuring Exile and Nottz
8. "The Truth" featuring Shateish
9. "End of the World" featuring Rashad)
10."Heaven on Earth"
11."God Shit" featuring Aloe Blacc, Cashus King and Definite Mass
12."Yesterday" featuring Sene and Elisa Meri
13."Boyz II Men (Diamond D Remix)"
14."End of the World (Remix)"

Diamond Media 360 via SoundCloud
Diamond Media 360 via SoundCloud

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