Back in 2013, Blu and Nottz teamed up for an EP titled Gods in the Spirit. The MC and producer recently announced that they would link up once again as the two will release a follow-up called Titans in the Flesh on July 15. With their fans eagerly awaiting the EP, Blu and Nottz give listeners a preview with the single "Atlantis."

The track sees Nottz supplying Blu with boom bap drums for the West Coast rapper to explore. Blu is up to the challenge as he offers up some creative lines throughout the record.

"Folks that don't lie/Dreams in bowties/A magazine wrote it was dope, but young lady did a coke line/Clothes on a clothesline, nobody's at home/Just a kid at the liquor store, $1.25/Then he pries at the bottom of his mind, clothes your eyes/Make a wish, six minutes to show time/The politician fumbled his lines, I change the channel/There's a window in my living room, I like to travel," Blu raps.

If "Atlantis" is any indication, Blu and Nottz are prepared to top their first effort. That should come as no surprise as Blu described Titans in the Flesh as taking Gods in the Spirit to a new level.

"Titans in the Flesh is like Gods in the Spirit on steroids," the rapper told XXL. "Me and Nottz are at it again with an adventure that jumps right out of your headphones, tackling reality."

Check out the tracklist for the upcoming EP below. You can pre-order the digital version on iTunes or grab a vinyl copy through Fat Beats.

1. “The Truth” Feat. Shateish
2. “Heaven on Earth”
3. “Giant Steps” Feat. Bishop Lamont, Torae, Skyzoo and DJ Revolution)
4. “To the East” Feat. Definite Mass, TriState, Mickey Factz and Johaz)
5. “The Man” Feat. Exile & Nottz
6. “Atlantis”
7. “Atlantis [J57 Remix]” Feat. Akie Bermiss

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