Blu and Exile pull up with yet another treasure from their shimmering Below the Heavens prequel, In the Beginning: Before the Heavens. This one comes in the form of a music video for "Constellations," the first cut they released from the project.

The new Michael McBride-directed visual focuses on younger versions of Blu and Exile as they navigate what appears to be early adolescence. Throughout the vid, we see the two strapping on some Chucks, stacking 1980s albums and going out into the streets of California as they enjoy a day out. The vid gets a bit of a surreal twist at the end when the two stare down at a vinyl version of their recently released prequel album.

As a whole, the visual plays out like a music video version of a coming of age story—and it's pretty dope. The song itself is equally cool, as it features some inspirational lyrics from Blu and an organ-fueled, Exile instrumental.

Speaking with XXL before dropping Before the Heavens, Blu and Exile's decision to drop a prequel for their most acclaimed project felt necessary because of their fan base.

"I wanted to release this project because so many people love Below The Heavens, more than all my albums, so it was a no brainer to feel open to give the fans more music from that era," Blu revealed. "Imagine if we didn't have any extra songs?" Exile added.

Check out Blu and Exile's visual for "Constellations" below.

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