I may not work at Antenna; I guess I’m just not that "cool." And I'm most certainly not a Jackpot or a Datwon, but me? I most certainly get it in. And even though Rob the Music Ed works at the number 1 rap rag (or are we still in denial about who puts it down month after month), I'm something of an R&B head. Nah I'm not talking that Chrihanna pop R&B shit (even though I fucked with "Take You Down" before it received its new meaning), no I'm an R&B head. Don’t get it twisted though, I love Hip-hop and working at XXL has its perks, but having the block on lock doesn’t mean shit where it matters most; in the bedroom. So with Valentine's Day fast approaching I figured I'd drop a playlist of some of my favorite R&B joints to get shit poppin’ en la cama.

What would ya’ll add? – Rob the Music Ed

Jon B. "They Don't Know" - Robin Thicke gets points, but Jon B. was the original poster child for white boy soul. Plus everyone’s the same color when the lights are off right?

Avant “Don’t Say No, Just Say Yes” – AKA the Kobe Bryant anthem. Now I don’t condone that sorta behavior, ‘cause a true player would never have to resort to such despicable acts. Anyways do yourself a favor and You Tube the video, former G-Unit princess Olivia never looked so good.

Shai "If I Ever Fall In Love" - Funny how their collaboration with Jay-Z ("I Don't Wanna Be Alone") marked the end of the end for this quartet. But in the beginning of their career they released this now classic panty-dropper.

Ginuwine “Pony” – The hook says “You’re horny let’s do it” for God sakes. Never mind the suspect ass video, this song is a GO!

Mint Condition "Pretty Brown Eyes" - I caught my first JHS slow dance to this one back when I was just Rob (before my Music Ed days). It must've been special for her too, because after, Ms. Aribelle wanted to see what it was like to kiss a boy with braces. To this day this joint works like a charm.

Silk "Freak Me" - Now this isn’t my favorite Silk joint, but the hook on this joint alone is enough to get shit poppin' ("Let me lick you up and down 'til you say stop"). Now ya'll can front if you want to, but my Latin ass is on some Pun shit: "Puerto Rican to the core and all Boricuas..." Aww damn ya'll know the rest.

R. Kelly “Down Low” – Back before he was allegedly gettin’ with 7th graders, oh wait he was always allegedly gettin’ with 7th graders, damn. Anyways the original “Down Low” is a classic, especially if you’re on a creep mission.

H-Town “Knockin’ the Boots” – “Knockin’ the boots actually means two boots coming together making tasteful lust.” Man Uncle Luke was somethin’ else wasn’t he? This joint will never get played out, EVER!

Playa “Cheers 2 U” – Before Static Major co-starred with Wayne on “Lollipop” he penned this slept-on classic for his group Playa.

Chris Brown “Take You Down” – On second thought, this song should be banned. It’s a damn shame too. Everybody hates Chris.

Aaliyah “Rock the Boat” - Back in the day I got my first lil sumthin’ sumthin’ to Aaliyah’s “At Your Best” remake. I just threw the CD on and hoped for the best. I lucked out! But “Rock the Boat” is by far Aaliyah’s sexiest song and yup, Static wrote this one too. RIP Babygirl and Static!

112 “Cupid” – I was gonna put “Anywhere” on this list because that song is almost amazing, but no song featuring Lil Zane can ever make ANY list now can it? If anyone has a version without that ‘ol Pac wanna be please let me know.

Jodeci “Freak ‘N You” – If you try to throw on the Rae & Ghost remix you might fuck it up and spend the night with a bottle of Jergens. When with your lady, do yourself a favor and play the original. As a matter of fact, playing any rap remix is an automatic FAIL!

Intro "Ribbon in the Sky" – Ok I know Stevie Wonder did the original and it is FUCKIN’ CLASSIC. But I just have a hard time making love to songs that my parents may have actually listened to while conceiving me. Thank God Intro made a comparable remake in 1993.

New Edition “Can You Stand the Rain” – My personal favorite song ever, from the greatest boy band ever assembled. If you can’t score by the time Mike Bivins goes “Come on baby, let’s go get wet” at around the 3:20 mark, you’re a lost cause.

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