If you thought the "Who Run It" freestyles and remixes were over, think again. On Friday (April 27), Blocboy JB dropped his own version of the Three 6 Mafia classic and put his spin on the song.

After a few ad-libs, the "Look Alive" rapper kicks things off with a few sports-related bars. "Thirty-four ounces of Barkley, Phoenix versus Knicks/Walk in this bitch with my stack out/Please don't run, I got the MAC out/This nigga just made me blackout/I'm 'bout to box him like Pacquiao (doon-doon-doon)/Kurt Angle, I'm making her tap out," Blocboy raps.

The "Rover 2.0" artist keeps the sports references going, throwing in a line about NBA star John Wall. "You know I'm riding with my dog, just like Scooby-Doo/Riding with my motherfuckin' dogs, bruh/You ain't got no money, I can't call you/Put two up in your back, John Wall you."

Up next for Blocboy, the rapper is gearing up for his next project, which is currently untitled. “Only thing you can expect is to see me. It’s coming soon, real soon," he said during a March interview with Beats 1 Radio. "I don’t know what I want to call it. It’s a project. It’s the best one, I think, so far."

As for the release date, Blocboy said the project could drop in April or May. “Yeah, it’s coming real soon," he added. "Like in a couple...before this month or next month. Real soon.”

While fans wait for the project, Blocboy has dropped enough new music to keep them busy. The rapper recently teamed up with A$AP Rocky for the song "Bad Company" and dropped his own track, "Produced by Blocboy."

Listen to Blocboy JB's "Who Run It" below.

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