2018 is turning out to be a life-changing year for BlocBoy JB. Currently possessing an unbridled street buzz, the rising Memphis, Tenn. rapper delivers his new mixtape Simi on Friday (May 4).

The Bloc Nation artist provides plenty of new material on the 18-song project, which employs the guest services of Drake, Lil Pump, Moneybagg Yo, YG and 21 Savage, and features the previously-released bangers "Look Alive" featuring Drake and "Rover 2.0" featuring the 21 Savage.

JB's meteoric rise to fame seemed like it happened overnight, but it's actually been a few years in the making. In 2016, he released his debut mixtape, Who Am I. The following year, the popular 2017 single "Shoot" birthed a music video, which featured the rapper displaying his signature dance, which has become a staple in hip-hop internet dance videos.

Earlier this year, a cosign from Aubrey planted his name in the ether. He plans on catapulting his growing buzz into long-term success. "I just wanna kill it and take it to the next level," JB told XXL in February. "I'm gonna be the best rapper in the world. Whoever is at the top, I'm coming for them. Whoever at the top."

Listen to BlocBoy JB's Simi mixtape below.

BlocBoy JB's Simi Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Turnt Up"
2. "Look Alive" featuring Drake
3. "Nun of Dat" featuring Lil Pump
4. "Good Day"
5. "Left Hand"
6. "Asian Bitch" featuring Moneybagg Yo
7. "Rover 2.0" featuring 21 Savage
8. "Shoot"
9. "Wait"
10. "Nike Swoosh" featuring YG
11. "Mamacita"
12. "Mexico"
13. "No Velcro"
14. "Left Right"
15. "No Chorus Pt. 11"
16. "Straight Drop"
17. "Feature"
18. "Outro"

@BlocBoy_JB via Twitter
@BlocBoy_JB via Twitter

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