BlocBoy JB follows up the debut of his 21 Savage-assisted track "Rover 2.0" this morning (March 23) with the video for the banger.

The Memphis rapper helped build anticipation for the release by teasing the visual earlier this week. Now we get the entire Ali Productions creation. The video for the track matches the grimy aesthetic of the lyrics. JB and 21 post up in the projects with intimidating entourages as they spit their lines.

"Headshot a nigga ass to see what his mind do/Catch him at a red light or a fuckin' drive-thru (that's on my mama)," BlocBoy spits on the Tay Keith production. "Nigga playin' with the crew like we ain't gon' shoot/Ooh-woo, now them grapes come through/First 48 and yellow tape keep you from comin' through."

Animated as ever, JB and his partnas tirelessly deliver his famed "shoot dance." The Slaughter Gang rapper is less enthusiastic as he delivers his lines deadpan while surrounded by expensive whips and his own mob. "My baby mama with it, she'll mace ya/Every nigga with me on that gang stuff," he rhymes. "Slaughter Gang, we came to shoot your kickback up (21)/Nigga disrespect me, he get shit bagged up (21)."

Yo Gotti also makes a cameo in the video.

JB is a hot commodity following his collab with Drake, "Look Alive." He is currently working on his new project and has plans to put it out by April.

“Yeah, it’s coming real soon," he recently confirmed in an interview during 2018 SXSW. "Like in a couple...before this month or next month. Real soon.”

Watch BlocBoy JB and 21 Savage's "Rover 2.0" video below.

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