Just about a week after letting loose a preview, BlocBoy JB and 21 Savage have unveiled their new banger "Rover 2.0."

The song is an updated version of a previous track from the Memphis rapper and a big-time slapper that definitely justifies the hype surrounding it. JB and 21 get grimy on the new cut.

"Headshot a nigga ass to see what his mind do/Catch him at a red light or a fuckin' drive-thru (that's on my mama)," BlocBoy spits. Nigga playin' with the crew like we ain't gon' shoot/Ooh-woo, now them grapes come through/First 48 and yellow tape keep you from comin' through."

For his part, 21 infuses his typically icy, monotone flow into the hard-hitting Tay Keith track. "My baby mama with it, she'll mace ya/Every nigga with me on that gang stuff," he rhymes. "Slaughter Gang, we came to shoot your kickback up (21)/Nigga disrespect me, he get shit bagged up (21)."

It's a banger for sure.

"Rover 2.0." follows BlocBoy JB's lauded collab "Look Alive" with Drake, which debuted in the top 5 of the Billboard charts and currently sits at No. 7. The video for the track has more than 80 million plays to date and put even more eyes on the Memphis rapper's "shoot dance." Next up for BlocBoy is his Simi mixtape, which is set to drop next month, and performances at Smokers Club Festival in Long Beach, Calif. on April 28 and the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami on May 13.

“Only thing you can expect is to see me. It’s coming soon, real soon," he says of Simi. "It’s a project. It’s the best one, I think, so far."

Check out BlocBoy JB and 21 Savage's "Rover 2.0" below.

BlocBoy JB
BlocBoy JB

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