Just about one month removed from dropping his 21 Savage-assisted video for "Rover 2.0," BlocBoy JB returns. Today (April 17), the rapper pulls up with "Prod by Bloc," a thumping new banger that comes along with an energetic video.

As is usually the case, you can see BlocBoy dancing his ass off his new video. Hearing the content of his raps—which, in this case, has a focus on robbery and outright violence—and seeing his jovial dancing remains a jarring experience. Directed by Yoo Ali, the video is one you won't be able to take your eyes off.

Throughout the new visual, we see BlocBoy and company gripping pots and pans as they dance along to the rhythm of a beat that sounds like someone making breakfast. BlocBoy's bars are ferocious, yet playful. "Smack a nigga ass with the pistol/Pop a nigga ass like a pimple/Store run, get the gun, [?] the Tommy, take his funds/Take the hundreds, leave the ones for the strippers nigga," he spits on the track.

Since dropping off videos for "Shoot" and his Drake-assisted banger, "Look Alive," BlocBoy's drawn a ton of attention and more than a few comparisons. With all the guns in his videos and the festive, yet hardcore vibe of his songs, he's even earned comparisons to one young Chicago mainstay.

"People say I'm like the Chief Keef of 2018," BlocBoy said when XXL spoke to him for The Break back in February.  "It's cool because I know he used to have a good time. He was the one that just brought the good times, turnt up and got plenty guns. I can relate to that."

Watch BlocBoy have himself a grand ole' time in the video below.

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