The best way to discover what you're really good at is to try. Twenty-one-year-old San Antonio, Texas rapper Blake originally started off as a videographer filming other rappers' videos. He started rhyming himself at the age of 13. "I was shooting my own lil music videos," he shares, talking about the early stages of his rap career.

After years of putting in work, his song "Flexin" took off in 2016. The sky was the limit, leading to a deal he secured with Atlantic Records. In 2018, he dropped his mixtape, A Drip Like This, and now he flexes his skills for XXL's What I Do freestyle series.

Blake starts his freestyle off by talking about how he came up. "Who is this young nigga that be drippin?/Ten toes down, head up, to the ceiling/Shit was all cool when I was down and they was winnin'/Took me to get a bag to see how they was really feelin'," he rhymes. The rapper keeps it real about how people switched up on him.

"Niggas rap beef but really, all that shit written/Same shit do ten million vies in 10 minutes/Ain't even gotta rap, just talk crazy for some attention," Blake delivers.

Even before he racked up over 10 million views on his videos, Blake believed in himself. "I knew if 'Flexin' didn't blow up, one of 'em was gon' blow up," he explains. "It's just different. It don't sound like nothin' else. It's a new flavor."

Now, he's looking ahead. "This project is out, things are elevating, things are moving," Blake shares. "I got to satisfy my fans."

Watch Blake's freestyle up top.

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