J.Period gets The Roots' Black Thought, De La Soul's Posdnuos, Pharoahe Monch and Joss Stone to connect for "Rise Up," an emotionally-stirring call to action to listeners to fight for what's right.

With the political climate being such a strenuous topic in the U.S. right now, the veteran producer—who worked on The Hamilton Mixtape that released last December—constructed this song as a rally cry for everyday people. The single is a cut off of J.Period's Rise Up EP that drops on May 2, and you can listen to it below.

"Rise to power or fall from grace/The often cases, our heads are lost in the clouds, or we're lost in space/Citizens of the divided states/Identify with hatred/For our demise, they watch and wait," raps Black Thought.

"My work with Lin Manuel-Miranda and The Roots on The Hamilton Mixtape last year was a stark reminder of the power of music to carry a message: Hamilton had little kids rapping about American history because the music itself is so good," the producer explained. "I felt that if we could create compelling music around these issues, we might help light a similar fire in listeners. These are turbulent times in America, with protests and marches spilling out into the streets in record numbers, and activism on the rise. 'Rise Up' was born out of that same energy."

Posdnuous adds, "It means we are willing to invest our creativity, our time ... to speak upon something that we can’t just ignore. With the state of affairs our country is in it's definitely time to rise up as scholars, organizers, activist entertainers and just everyday people and be counted in!"

"Rise Up" also received additional production/instrumentation from Larrance Dobson of 1500 Or Nothin, Jesse Blum and Stro Elliot.

Listen to the song below.

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