D12's own Bizarre and Fat Killahz's King Gordy are back as the Last American Rock Stars to announce their Foul World mixtape with a video for their new single, "LARS."

Bizarre and Gordy take on alter egos as Miles High Davis and Blaxl Rose, respectively. If you didn't pick up on it, "LARS" stands for Bizarre and Gordy's new group name, and the track finds them both spitting about their heavy drug use. They are, after all, among the last American rock stars.

"The last American rocks tar on earth/Floating off Xans and a lot of Percs/(floating), Bitch I'm on coke, it's been this way since I was signed to Interscope," Bizarre raps on the rock-infused track. It gets much, much wilder than that, too, as he eventually gets too intoxicated to even attend his daughter's graduation.

Gordy pulls up with a similarly demented verse, as he spits about worshipping Satan and killing the lead singer of his band because he's wasted. Pretty sick stuff.

Directed by Ryan Archibald, the new visual mirrors the theme of "LARS" as it finds Bizarre and Gordy at the center of an absolutely wild rager.

According to Bizarre, "LARS" and their forthcoming Foul World mixtape are things he and Gordy have wanted to do for quite a while. “King Gordy and I have been planning to do this project for 10 years but with D12 it was hard for me to work on this," Bizarre tells XXL. "After years of talking about it, we finally decided to meet up with Detroit producer Foul Mouth. He is a beast and gave LARS a signature sound. That’s why we decided to call the mixtape Foul World.”

The Slim Shady associate promises his supporters will be digging he and Gordy's first project, which will drop on Oct. 30. “The fans will truly enjoy this long-anticipated project. There is something on both the mixtape and album (self-titled album drops via MNE nationwide in January 2018) for everybody," he reveals. "Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this, you won’t be disappointed. You’ve never heard Gordy and I like this before. We are the LAST AMERICAN ROCK STARS, there will be nobody after us!!!”

Gordy shares a similar sentiment, saying he and Bizarre came together to inject the rap game with some much-needed zaniness. “Me and Bizzy came together because we are the last of a dying breed," Gordy tells us. "Nobody is having fun anymore. It's all about stunting and having money. Well we don't give a fuck about that. We ain't rappers.. we are the Last American Rock Stars!!!! On the Foul World mixtape expect a very disturbing version of Hip Hop. We intended to take Horrorcore to a whole new Level!”

Foul World drops on Oct. 30. Watch "LARS" below.

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