Bishop Nehru is back. Recently, the New York City rhymer unloaded his Emperor Nehru's New Groove project, a 15-track effort inspired by Disney's 2000 flick, The Emperor's New Groove.

"You all asked for it, so here it is," Nehru wrote in the caption of an Instagram post he uploaded, which includes an image of his Emperor's New Groove-inspired project for the cover. "[I] came up with the concept for this project in 2014. the real nehruvians know. I thank all of you so much for actively letting me know how much you want new music and how much it has helped your lives. I love every one of you more than you could imagine. available on all your favorite outlets, I present to you all “emperor nehru’s new groove.”

It should be noted that this isn't the project Nehru said would be produced by MF DOOM and Kaytranada. That album is titled Elevators: Act I & II and hopefully, that project one is coming soon. Doom recently shared that he lost his son.

For now, though, here's Nehru's latest. You can stream Emperor Nehru's New Groove via SoundCloud below. You can buy via iTunes. 

Bishop Nehru's Emperor Nehru's New Groove Tracklist

1. "Emperor Nehru's New Groove"
2. "WitnessTheEmperor"
3. "The Actor$ Elixir"
4. "AreYouKidding?! (77 Version)"
5. "Hands Down"
6. "The Goat (Baphomet's Tune)"
7. "Slap & Clap 77/Bolbi's Trap Anthem"
8. "Deathisanillusion." Feat. Hideyourenvy
9. "Blessed"
11."Like a Dream"
12."Hand Full of Gold"
14."Me & Mother Teresa (Sink My Boat)"
15."September 25th, 2017 (Numb)"

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