Blabbering Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly continues his public crusade against hip-hop, this time blaming the music for the decline in American Christianity. A study done by the Pew Research Center says that the Christian population in the United States has dipped from 78.4 percent to 70.6 percent between 2007 and 2014 and O'Reilly says hip-hop is at the root of the fall because of course he does.

"People of faith are being marginalized by a secular media and pernicious entertainment," he started. "The rap industry, for example, often glorifies depraved behavior, and that sinks into the minds of some young people--the group that is most likely to reject religion. Also, many movies and TV shows promote non-traditional values. If you are a person of faith, then the media generally thinks you are a loon."

O'Reilly's decision to single out rap music is classless, but that's what we can expect when it comes to O'Reilly. The news anchor has used his platform to go after hip-hop for years and recently told Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett to get rid of "people like Jay Z and Kanye West." ”You have to attack the fundamental disease if you want to cure it,” the Fox News host said. “You’re gonna have to get people like Jay Z, Kanye West, all these gangsta rappers to knock it off...[Young men] idolize these guys with the hats on backwards, and the terrible rap lyrics and the drugs and all of that,” O’Really said. “You’ve gotta get these guys.”

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