2015 was the year of big beef. Drake and Meek Mill, two of hip-hop's biggest stars, went at it and it all started with a twitter rant, produced one of the biggest beefs in recent memory. Fans were thoroughly entertained as the feud played out like a WWE storyline. "Back to Back," Drake's scathing diss record aimed at Meek, was so popular that it earned a Grammy nomination. A track like that is necessary for the Complete Guide to Diss Songs of 2015.

There was also some very comical lyrical battles likes Lil B and the Weeknd. Little is known why the BasedGod was throwing shots at him but it's likely because he thought the Toronto crooner was stealing his style. In tweets that date back to 2014, B can be seen calling him out.

When thinking of the best disses this year, there are a couple of honorable mentions. They didn't make it into our guide for very unique reasons. Ghostface Killah's insane message to Action Bronson while Harold Melville & the Blue Notes played in the background is unforgettable. It's not a song, but it's one of the most memorable disses after Bronson took aim at his rhyming style. “Don’t let me hang you from a tree and gut you like a pig and hang you out to dry 'cause it can get done,” he said. The entire video is hilarious.

Another "diss" is CyHi the Prince’s “Elephant in the Room.” Everyone initially thought Cyhi was taking shots at Kanye West but the ATL rapper claimed it was the opposite. CyHi then revealed Yeezy knew of the song before it was released.

While those are all memorable, there's even more to go through. We compiled a solid list of diss records that have everyone talking from the average rap fan to the Grammy committee. Here is the Complete Guide to Diss Songs of 2015.

  • "CoCo Freestyle"

    Lil Wayne

    Target: Birdman, Cash Money
    Project: Sorry 4 the Wait 2
    Background: On Dec. 4, Lil Wayne expressed his anger with Cash Money Records through Twitter. He wasn't too happy with the label regarding the release of Tha Carter V. Lil Wayne even threatened his mentor Birdman and Cash Money with a lawsuit if the label refused to put out his album. Baby made it clear that he didn’t have any intentions of releasing Weezy from his contract and was prepared to go to court over the matter. Cortez Bryant -- Weezy’s manager -- expressed his own frustration with Cash Money as well. “Wayne carried Cash Money on his back for over 10 years when he could have left and did this on his own," Cortez said. Wayne eventually sued Cash Money for $51 million and released all his anger out against Birdman and Cash Money on his mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait 2

    Craziest Line: "Who kept this shit together? Nigga, me, that's who/Who was there when niggas left us? Nigga, me, that's who/Cash Money is a army, I'm a one man army/And if them niggas coming for me, I'm going out like Tony/(Bap-bap-bap-bap)/Now I don't want no problems, I just want my money/Ain't gotta hold no conversation, nor my luggage/Tell whoever's countin' that I'm on a hundred/Woo, Birdman Jr. -- more like ugly duckling."

  • "Charged Up"


    Target: Meek Mill
    Project: Standalone
    Background: After Meek Mill made allegations on Twitter that Drake uses a ghostwriter, Aubrey dropped his response called “Charged Up” on the Beats 1 OVO Sound Radio show.

    Craziest Line: "No woman ever had me star struck/Or was able to tell me to get my bars up/I’m charged up/
    Oh no we eating, niggas ain’t about to starve us."

  • "Wanna Know"

    Meek Mill

    Target: Drake
    Project: Standalone
    Background: After Drake took aim at Meek Mill with “Charged Up” and “Back to Back,” Meek finally responded with “Wanna Know.” The record, premiered by Funk Flex on New York's Hot 97 radio staion, includes the reference track from Quentin Miller that Drake allegedly used on “Know Yourself.”

    Craziest Line: "I just wanna know, if you ain’t write that running through the six shit/Tell us who the fuck was Quentin running through the six with?"

  • "Back to Back"


    Target: Meek Mill
    Project: Standalone
    Background: Before Meek Mill could respond to "Charged Up," Drake unleashed his second diss record in the early morning hours on July 29. "Back to Back" turned the internet upside down and sparked a plethora of memes soon after. 

    Craziest Line: "This for y'all that think that I don't write enough/They just mad cause I got the midas touch/You love her, then you gotta give the world to her/Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?/I know that you gotta be a thug for her/This ain't what she meant when she told you to open up more/Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers/Yeah, you gettin' bodied by a singin' nigga/I'm not the type of nigga that'll type to niggas/And shout-out to all my boss bitches wifin' niggas/Make sure you hit him with the prenup/Then tell that man to ease up/I did another one, I did another one/You still ain't did shit about the other one."

  • "6PM in New York"


    Target: Tyga
    Project: If You're Reading This It's Too Late
    Background: In October 2014, Tyga did an interview with Vibe and detailed his complaints with the YMCMB. He also said that he doesn’t get along with Drake or Nicki Minaj, and that he really doesn’t like Drizzy as a person.

    "I don’t like Drake as a person," Tyga said. "He’s just fake to me. I like his music; you know what I’m saying? I think his music is good, but we’re all different people. We were forced together and it was kinda’ like we were forcing relationships together."

    The retort from Drizzy came on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the surprise project he dropped in February. On the closing track, “6PM in New York,” Drake takes aim at Tyga. He continues on the song, imploring Tyga to “act [his] age and not [his] girl’s age,” alluding to the highly publicized relationship between Tyga and then 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.

    Craziest Line: "I heard a little little homie talking reckless in Vibe/That's quite a platform you chose, you should've kept it inside/Oh, you tried/It's so childish calling my name on the world stage/You need to act your age and not your girl's age."

  • "Game Over"


    Target: The Game
    Project: Standalone
    Background: The Game and Stitches are currently in a heated beef. The Miami native released a diss record titled “Game Over” taking aim at Game and Tyga.

    Craziest Line: "Fuck a pussy ass nigga named The Game/Pussy ass nigga that shall be your name/TMI Gang that's my squad/I make a phone call and I kill you and your dogs."

  • "Color Money"

    Rick Ross

    Target: Drake, Birdman
    Project: Black Market
    Background: After Rick Ross’ new song “Color Money” circulated, hip-hop heads -- and Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly -- went into a frenzy after they heard what appeared to be the MMG boss taking shots at Drake and Birdman. The Teflon Don understandably stood up for his fellow Maybach Music Group cohort Meek Mill and spoke about the song on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

    “You know I just released ‘Color Money’ and it is what it is,” he said. “It’s a lot of different people that’s going to interpreted a lot of different ways, it is what it is.”

    When Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy pressed Ross and he didn’t deny or shoot down the shots plus avoided most of their question. Rozay previously said the Meek Mill and Drake wasn’t a real beef and even sees the two stars doing a song together eventually down the road.

    With regards to whether he was taking shots at Baby or Wayne, Ross did say that he has no relationship with Birdman and he is on Lil Wayne’s side in regards to the legal turmoil with Cash Money.  “For me to see the way things have transpired, I can’t respect that, and I don’t respect that,” Ross said.

    Craziest Line: "Color money got your bitch out on a world tour/My lil homie made a million on his girl tour/We back to back and down to whack a nigga unborn/Miami niggas got them changing all the gun laws/So run Forrest got some shooters and they dying too/I got more money than that pussy that you’re signed to."

  • "Courtesy Call

    J Prince

    Target: Suge Knight, Diddy, Birdman, Slim & Lil Wayne
    Project: Standalone
    Background: After word got around that Diddy allegedly sent Drake to the hospital following a confrontation outside a nightclub in Miami in December 2014, Aubrey’s one-time mentor J Prince dropped a spoken-word diss track.

    On the song “Courtesy Call," Prince warns that Diddy’s actions “open the doors for his family to be touched,” adding the weighted “You reap what you sow.” Prince takes aim at not only Diddy, but Lil Wayne, his lawyer, his manager plus demands that Baby and Slim pay him money the money owed.

    Craziest Lines: "Puffy feeling like he can put his hands on my family/ Open the doors for his family to be touched/ You reap what you sow.”

  • "4 Tha Record"

    Lil B

    Target: The Weeknd
    Project: Thugged Out Pissed Off
    Background: There's really no clear-cut reason why Lil B decided to make a diss record aimed at The Weeknd. But from previous scattered tweets since 2014, The BasedGod has been sending shots at the Toronto crooner.

    Craziest Lines: "Call me Lil Boss with that XO bars/Saying fuck the Weeknd, I can't sing that soft (Figaro!)/I still know the struggle I get so jealous (Figaro!)/Still up in that good with that mini mansion.”

  • "Lifeline"

    Safaree "SB" Samuels

    Target: Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill
    Project: Standalone
    Background: Nicki Minaj and ex-boyfriend Safaree “SB” Samuels' relationship did not end well. Throughout the summer, Nicki and her new beau Meek Mill have been taking turns throwing shade at Safaree. It started when Nicki went off on Twitter, slamming SB for releasing a snippet of his song “Love the Most” back in June. Meek also joined the social media feud. At The Pinkprint tour stop in Brooklyn, N.Y., in July, Nicki addressed Samuels’ allegations that he helped write some of her rhymes.

    “See a bitch ass nigga can’t write my raps,” said Nicki. “You know why? You don’t have the heart, or the mind frame, or the motherf—in’ intellect bitch nigga.” SB recently claimed that Nicki has not moved on from their relationship.

    SB would go on the offensive with "Lifeline."

    Craziest Lines: "You got a botch face nigga wit a cute date/This nigga bent outta shape wit a gorilla face/My bars on The PinkPrint, no one'll ever match/My dickprint, lil nigga you can never match/Wasn't a secret young bull I knew everything/Hope you go platinum my nigga she need a better ring.”