Does Big Sean belong on the Mount Rushmore of rappers from the 2010s? The debate is raging on via Twitter.

On Tuesday (May 24), Big Sean's name started trending on Twitter, the day after the account @TeamDreamville posted a photoshopped image of Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole on Mount Rushmore, with question marks in place of the fourth person. "2010’s Hip Hop Mount Rushmore: Drake Kendrick Lamar J. Cole ??? Who’s the fourth?" the account posed?

The question of who deserved the fourth spot left many people pushing Big Sean's name to the forefront.

"See I’m putting Big Sean as the fourth. It’s crazy how y’all don’t respect that man smh…," one person tweeted.

"Damn Big Sean haven’t earned Yall respect?? Lol that’s crazy," someone else added to the conversation.

"Big Sean Easily," another person added.

While people had plenty of positive praise for Sean Don, also contributing to the trend were people who felt he should not be included in the four.

"Actually rancid how many people say big sean here, that dude is usually trash," one Twitter user posted. "If you’re solely concerned with popularity, probably Future. if you’re more about the art itself (me) Tyler dropped 5 albums in the 2010 including 2 undisputed classics in Flower Boy and IGOR."

The question of Big Sean's worthiness among rap's elite seems to be an annual occurrence. As far as stats go, Big Sean released four albums in the 2010s, with three going platinum and two debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The former G.O.O.D. Music rapper has at times had to toot his own horn. In 2017, Sean rebutted the notion that Kendrick Lamar murdered him on his own track, the infamous "Control."

"I put that work in. You not gon' disrespect me," Big Sean said at the time. "I'll hop on any track with anybody, and I will not only stand my own. You gon' know that it's my verse, and you gon' know that I'm in there."

See more Twitter users deliberating over whether Big Sean should be on Mount Rushmore below.

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