Big Boi appeared on ESPN Radio's The Dan LeBatard Show and dropped a bit of a bombshell for hip-hop fans. Big Boi revealed that OutKast was asked to perform at a past Super Bowl, but turned down the opportunity. Big Boi explained that OutKast was asked to shorten their songs "Hey Ya" and "The Way You Move." Andre 3000 refused to do so, wanting to perform both tracks in full. Ultimately, Andre wouldn't budge and OutKast ended up turning down the Super Bowl performance.

Big Boi said that he tried his best to convince Andre to change his mind, but there was no luck. The Atlanta rapper said that he and his OutKast cohort are able to look back at it now and laugh at the situation. "Hopefully they invite us back," Big Boi told LeBatard.

Big Boi strongly insinuated during the interview that this opportunity was for the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. Of course, that performance now lives in infamy for the wardrobe malfunction incident that occurred involving Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. If OutKast had been on the lineup, maybe that notable moment in Super Bowl history never takes place.