DMX makes a surprise cameo in Bhad Bhabie’s gory new video for “Bestie," a new track that features Kodak Black. This marks X's first notable musical appearance since being released from prison in January.

Directed by Michael Garcia, the visual is inspired by classic horror flicks, particularly Friday the 13th, Silence of the Lambs and a couple others. At the start, we see Bhabie murdering an old man in the woods with the help of her masked friend carrying a sledgehammer. Throughout the clip, the masked individual is stabbing a group of people in a house while doing Kodak’s “ZeZe” dance. By the way, Kodak is not featured anywhere in the video, so in his place, we are treated to Bhabie trying to shoot commercial spots for various products, including Copycat Cosmetics.

At the end of the clip, Bhabie introduces her bestie and the masked man reveals himself as none other than DMX. “I can’t go nowhere with this bitch again. She’s crazy," he says to the camera.

Overall, it’s a fun video and Bhad Bhabie is taking her newfound fame in stride. Speaking of which, the 15-year-old rapper's Snapchat show Bringing Up Bhabie is on course to break more viewing records judging by the ratings of its debut episode. According to reports, the series' Feb. 4 debut raked in 10 million viewers in 24 hours.

Check out Bhad Bhabie and Kodak Black's gory new video for "Bestie" featuring DMX below.


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