In case you have been living under a rock, DJ Khaled's Snapchat has become the talk of the town. The producer/hitmaker is using the social media tool to solidify himself as hip-hop's biggest character.

With each snap, fans get to get a short peek into the life of one of Miami's golden child and his Snapchat continues to get bigger. The quotables and WTF moments are plentiful, like when he got lost at sea and captured the entire ordeal. He's now beginning to use Snapchat as a tool to promote.

What's become most popular from his Snaps are his keys to success, seemingly turning everyday mundane tasks into moments of brilliance. For example, Khaled Snapchatted his whole shower experience in November. He literally Snapchatted while he was taking a shower, brushing his teeth, putting on lotion and detailing the products he used and how it relates to his success.

The ordeal is strangely fantasizing because you don't know if what your watching is sheer genius or madness. Either way it's entertaining. Because his visibility has skyrocketed, Khaled’s success-building wisdom was just featured on The Daily Show in a hilarious skit.

Noisey did a wonderful breakdown on why DJ Khaled's Snapchat is a sacred place and pointed out five keys to understanding it. Read the keys below and check out 11 Hilarious DJ Khaled Memes in the gallery above.

DJ Khaled's plants: He waters them...a lot. Honestly, he might be over-watering them; I don't know anything about horticulture, but it's even on days where it rains. He also names them. One is named Shirley; another is Jah Rastafari.
Lion: a stone lion statue that resides in his garden. Khaled screams "Lion!" every time he passes it—morning, afternoon or night.
Chef Dee: Khaled's private chef who makes the same things every morning, but switches it up for lunch.
DJ Khaled's Jet-Ski: Transportation for adventure on the high seas. He's run out of gas, been pulled over numerous times and gotten lost in the open waters, all because of that damned Jet-Ski.
Emoji: [key] is shorthand for a life lesson; [prayer hands] means "bless up." All of these can be used for anything he says.

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