Berner is slated to release his new album Packs on Dec. 23. Today (Dec. 15), the Bay Area artist delivers a new single called "Niice" featuring Quavo and Paul Wall.

Throughout the nearly five-minute, Elevaterz-produced record, Berner raps about moving weight and the lifestyle that accompanies it. "When it's dry in the city then I up the price/Why you got a gun on you if you tuck your ice," Berner spits.

Meanwhile, Quavo handles the hook, spitting, "Ridin' round with the burner, I'm with Berner/Ridin' round with the bags on me, bouta serve 'em/Got all these blue Benjamins, yeah I earn 'em." Next up is Paul Wall, who hops on the record for verse two, flowing, "Money on my mind like a pair of shades/Grind all week I ain't slept for days/Paper routes I know many ways/I got plenty traffic, no need for Waze/Stay great, get paid, hustler-made/Money too dirty, I need a maid."

The highlight of the track is Quavo's verse, which comes in at around the 3:10 mark. Over an elegant instrumental, the Atlanta native spits, "Money keep coming in, put it in mattress/Now that I'm piped up, fuckin' on actress/I'm the new bachelor, that's how we actin' now/She want some lean and molly, now that bitch passin' out/I got that flame with me, like I stay in the dragon's house."

You can listen to "Niice" above via YouTube. In case you missed it, go back and check out Berner's joint project with Cam'ron called Contraband, which dropped in November.

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