Bas is ready for the summer and drops off his new tropical-infused single, "Boca Raton" featuring A$AP Ferg. Released on Tuesday (June 19), the Sango-produced track, which is named after the South Florida city, is full of drums and a smooth guitar riff.

"I'm out in Boca Raton/I'm sipping Roca Patron/I got this chick on the phone/Talking 'bout life and how I just ain't for her, I been inclined to agree/'Cause all I been doin' is me/Now I can't be your one baby girl, nah/But I play the two or the three now," Bas raps during the chorus.

A$AP Ferg comes in midway through the song and steals the show with his clever verse. "Sippin' 'til I'm sloppy (aye)/Fuck her 'til she knock knees/I put a hurting on her nani (yeah)/Anaconda through her body/Got her screaming Godly/Dale boom dale (uh)/She a work of art like a Salvador Dali (aye, aye)," the A$AP Mob member spits.

Up next for Bas, the "Pinball II" rapper is set to perform at the upcoming Dreamville Festival in North Carolina on Sept. 15. Launched in April by J. Cole, the inaugural festival will take place at Dorothea Dix Park and has been in the works for some time now.

"We've been trying to put this festival together for a few years now," said Dreamville president Ibrahaim "Ib" Hamad. "It's just hard to come into a city and get the whole city to approve it and (get) behind you. So it was great that we took our time ... and really connected with the city (and) connected with the mayor."

Listen to Bas' "Boca Raton" below.

Dreamville / Interscope
Dreamville / Interscope

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