Being prepared for the opportunities that come your way is key; it can change your life. Twenty-five-year-old Arkansas rapper Bankroll Freddie has only been rapping since 2017, but didn't fully commit until Quality Control Music's Pierre "P" Thomas put him on a flight to L.A. in 2019. P told Freddie he could go places with his rapping talent, and the rest is history. Once he came back home, Freddie made "Drip Like Dis," his most successful song to date with 8 million streams on Spotify and counting, and officially became a member of the QC family. At the XXL office, he came by to update us on his journey and drop a new freestyle.

Most of Freddie's freestyle is about his ties to the street. "I was trappin' before I was rappin', yeah, uh/I was jackin' before I was trappin', yeah/I get them P's, weigh ’em up, then we wrap ’em, yeah," he rhymes.

He continues on with more about his past: "They be lyin', I ain't like these lil' cappers, yeah/Ask the streets about Bank, they gon' stamp him, yeah/Half a million in my safe, and my hammer, yeah, .38."

Signing to QC came together like magic for Bankroll Freddie. After already remixing Lil Baby's track "Freestyle" and enjoying local success, Freddie had his eyes on another hit from the successful Atlanta record label. "Back then, City Girls had "Act Up," I couldn't miss it," he explains. "My patna, he was like, 'Bruh, you need to remix that!'"

Freddie listened to the advice, and posted the freestyle he did on Instagram, tagging P in the process. P not only saw the song, but he reposted it and reached out to Freddie and set up a flight to L.A. "We had the talk, and he was like, 'Man, go get serious about your craft, get your craft down together and I'ma sign you,'" Freddie says. "The first day I went home, I recorded 'Drip Like Dis.'" That convo birthed the successful track, and Freddie joined the team then released his project From Trap To Rap under the QC umbrella.

Check out Bankroll Freddie's XXL freestyle below.

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