Rap is a young man's (or woman's) game, according to who's asked, and that statement never rings truer than right now. There is a huge number of young rappers who can't legally drink, let alone attend a R-rated movie alone. Their youth points to rap's evolution, where more and more artists are grasping hip-hop earlier than ever, and creating it in their own way. BabySantana surely fits the bill, as the 15-year-old Columbus, Ga. native has tens of millions of streams under his belt and a legion of fans helping to push his underground sound to the masses.

He began dropping music at age 11 after deciding he wanted to release his own style of rap on a whim in 2018. The aspiring artist served as producer and engineer for all his tracks. BabySantana's first brush with success came in 2020, when his airy, endlessly catchy song "Prada" took off. The song now has over 1 million streams on SoundCloud. He's never let up since, and is now signed to Republic Records by way of Lil Tecca's and Giuseppe Zappala’s (Tecca's manager) Galactic Records as of last year.

Before he got signed, Santana was building a steady buzz for himself online to the point he caught the attention of Lil Tecca, who reached out to him with praise, and eventually jumped on the "Prada (Remix)." That version of the song has racked up nearly 3 million SoundCloud streams, almost 8 million Spotify streams and more than 5 million YouTube views for its accompanying video. The rap newcomer has flows that are comparable to his teenage peers who came up on SoundCloud, YouTube and the chat app Discord, but he's unique in that he makes every bar count, and has such a matter-of-fact delivery that he makes being a famous 15-year-old seem normal.

BabySantana's versatility is also why he can first get hot off a laid-back song like "Prada," then legit blow up with 2021's "Antisocial," which is all high energy. The track finds him and his good friend Slump6s rattling off bars over a Maajins and CGM Beats-produced beat. The song is at 58 million streams and counting on Spotify, and BabySantana is only becoming more popular. He's also doing all this without releasing a full-length project since 2020's Planet Sosa, a fun fact that's sure to change.

A few weeks away from his performance trek on Lil Tecca's Tecca Loves You Tour, BabySantana has plenty to share about his career, his future goals and how he balances regular teen life and hip-hop fame.

Watch below for The Break Live featuring BabySantana.

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"Prada (Remix)" featuring Lil Tecca

"Antisocial" featuring Slump6s

"14" with Ka$hdami

Planet Sosa

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