Earlier this week, XXL reported that Paul Wall and Baby Bash were arrested in El Paso, Texas, over the weekend for possession of marijuana. Now, Bash is speaking out, saying the officer that arrested him and Wall was "disrespectful" and singled them out because they were entertainers.

"The officer — actually the constable, which in Texas is under a cop, like a wannabe cop — said, 'Whose the entertainers here?" Baby Bash tells XXLMag.com about the incident. "Me and Paul were like, 'We are.' So, he grabbed us, he picked us up, handcuffed us and walked us out like trophies."

The incident occurred after a show in El Paso, when Bash and Wall were on their way to an after-party.

"We smoked in the van so we had no weed on us anymore although we smelled like weed," recalls Bash. "We pulled up to the club and all of a sudden, the constable is like, 'I smell weed. Who has the weed?' We're like, 'We already smoked it.' We got out the van, he searched it and there was nothing there but it still smelled. We go to the club for one hour and then he comes in with his officers and gets us out... They had handcuffed all six of us and put us on the ground. Then he said, 'Who are the two entertainers?' I said me and Paul said him, so he grabbed us by the arms and walked us out like we just killed somebody."

Bash says the constable held him and Paul Wall in the cop car for two hours in front of the nightclub with the siren lights on, as if to call attention to the two celebrities. Thankfully, an off-duty cop that happened to be in the area wrote his own report that concurred the two rappers were treated unfairly.

Bash also says that once they arrived at the Sheriff's office, a couple of police officers made comments about the constable to the extent of him thinking he was super cop.

"If it was a real cop, they wouldn't have even wasted their time on this," Bash says an officer commented.

While in the holding cell, Bash says they continued to get taunted by the constable and his partner, the former who kept asking Paul Wall to "sing" for him and the latter who snapped pictures of them behind bars with his mobile device.

"I just think he got picked on in high school and had a chip on his shoulder," he says, adding, "I’m not upset it happened, I’m just upset about the way that one cop treated us. He was like a rent-a-cop and he treated us like two trophies."

Eventually, Bash and Wall were charged with less than two ounces of marijuana, received citations and might have to return to court, which Baby Bash is looking forward to doing just so he can give the authorities a piece of his mind.

"I hope I go to court 'cause I wanna [ask] the judge, 'What did they catch us with?'" hey says.

Baby Bash recently released his latest single titled "Vegas Nights," featuring Jump Smokers and Far East Movement. —Mariel Concepcion

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