B-Real has been working on opening his own weed dispensary for the past three years and last Wednesday (Aug. 15), his dream finally came to fruition.

Dr. Greenthumbs is the name of his Sylmar, Calif. shop, which is a play off of the popular Cypress Hill track of the same name. Bud-loving fans of the rapper arrived as early as 4:20 am for the grand opening to try out strains like Wedding Cake, Insane OG, Limonchello and B-Real's award-winning strain, Tangie. He also took photos and signed autographs while burning it down with fellow rapper/weed connoisseur Berner and famed producer Scott Storch. Both musicians have appeared on his weed-inspired YouTube series, The Smokebox.

"From the grand opening ribbon-cutting it has been nonstop people coming, trying all the flavorful strains we have on the shelves and they've been buying insane merch," says the Buddha Master. "We want to thank all the fans and connoisseurs and consumers who came down to be a part the grand opening and to see what Dr. Greenthumbs was about."

The veteran MC has some more exciting news for fans in the stash. On Sept. 28, Cypress Hill will finally release Elephants on Acid. DJ Muggs hinted at the album's completion in January when he posted the presumed cover on social media and wrote "Album finished. 2018."

See more info about Dr. Greenthumbs the footage below.

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