B.o.B has a surprise for fans as the Atlanta rapper announced that he will release a new mixtape called Water this Friday (Dec. 4). To make the announcement, B.o.B shared a video PSA featuring a track called "Purple Mountains." If this song is any indication, the Water mixtape might see B.o.B. get back to more socially conscious content in his music. XXL spoke to B.o.B. earlier this year about his journey as an artist.

"It kind of feels like a right of passage in a way, because when you’re building your identity the identity that you're building is based off of your career, because your career has so much to do with your identity," B.o.B. said. "It’s like you really have to understand the difference [between] perception and your reality. So there was really a lot that I had to learn. But getting to this point, I had to go through everything that I went through. People just see the tip of the iceberg, but they don’t see the missed shots and the mistakes."

Check out the tracklist for Water below.