Like Currensy,  B.I.C. used this past 4/20 to come through with a new mixtape. The new project, titled Loosies, is a short, sweet collection of five hard-hitting tracks from the Northside Bronx rap group. The mixtapes only has five songs, but that amount of tracks helps maintain replay value and makes for an overall easy listen.

The project starts off with "Rock Bottom," which features what sounds like a sample from the ultra-eerie Twilight Zone theme and lyrics about smoking tree and getting the baddies. Meanwhile, "Level Up" is a classic song about dudes trying make a come-up.

Loosies features production from Money Montage, KingNamedTutt, VESA and DJ DNA. If you've got some time, give it a listen--it's definitely worth it. You can check out the project for yourself here.

B.I.C.'s Loosies Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Rock Bottom" (Prod. By Money Montage & KingNamedTutt)
2. "Riots" (Prod. By VESA)
3. "Level Up" (Prod. By Money Montage)
4. "Señorita" (Prod. By DJ DNA)
5. "Do Over" (Outro) (Prod. By Money Montage)

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