Azealia Banks has never been shy about putting herself out there through her platform over the years, and her latest social media post bares it all. The Harlem rapper dropped two versions of her "Escapades" record back in June, and now we're getting a peek at the photoshoot behind it, which includes nude photos of Banks.

The "Chi Chi" artist posted and then deleted a completely nude picture to Instagram, which unveiled her private parts, similar to Amber Rose's style from last month, along with a less revealing one. Banks originally did the photoshoot with photographer Danny Michel for the song's artwork, explaining the inspiration as to why she decided to bare it all.

Apparently, the inspiration comes from her mother and references from her childhood, as she walked around their house naked while doing chores.

"When I was a little girl I remember the women in my family having such large pubic bushes and always thinking it was some sort of strange/cool," Banks wrote in the now-deleted post. "When I was making #escapades I was pulling from all of my mothers references - Shanice, Donna summer, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Rachelle Ferrell- and she would always walk around the house naked doing her chores belting at the top of her lungs. We would make the joke that women coming of age in the 70's had a roller skating bush ! Ironically - I wrote most of this song in the same fashion ... walking round the house doing my chores and growing out my 1970's roller skating bush."

Banks made sure to warn fans to screenshot the photo, as she would be deleting it. The Shade Room was able to post the screenshot after it was erased from Azealia's page.

See the revealing posts from Azealia explaining her inspiration for "Escapades" below.

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