Despite dropping one of last year's most daring, dynamic records in her long-delayed Broke With Expensive Taste, New York rapper Azealia Banks has most frequently seen herself in the news for non-musical reasons. Now, she's trying to put an end to that reputation. Banks announced over the weekend that she would be taking a break from Twitter for the remainder of the Christian holiday Lent. Until the first weekend in April, the "212" rapper will be off of the social network--although she said she'll still be checking Instagram. According to Banks, she needs this time to "give my mind a break."

Action Bronson and a host of others. Her most notable feud, of course, is her ongoing complaint that
Iggy Azalea is guilty of cultural appropriation. She also
took Kendrick Lamar to task for what she felt were egregious comments on the police murders of Black men in Missouri and New York.