Fresh off of signing a $1 million record deal with Entertainment One, Azealia Banks is back with some new music.

On Thursday (Feb. 15), Banks uploaded two snippets of a freestyle over Drake's "God's Plan" instrumental. "These bitches talkin' but they don't be what they livin, now they livid," Banks spits. "The game's over, the door's open for the challenge/Drive with the mileage/I'm steady with the beam like Gabby, I got the balance/Number one talent/Sippin' from my chalice/Fantasy waters deep in the hole like I'm Alice."

The Harlem rapper keeps the bars going, showcasing her in-your-face style. "Bad bitch, porn star/Seashell gold bra/Chanel-studded clutch tucked down, deuce on guard/The pretty chocolate diva, the witch switch on ya'/This is how you freaky, that kinky shit on ya'," she raps.

While it's uncertain when Banks will drop the full version of her freestyle, the "Icy Colors Change" MC did unveil the cover art for the song, so the tracks's release may not be too far away.

Aside from her new record deal, Banks also has something else to celebrate. On Thursday, the rapper completed her last court-mandated anger management course. "Today is my LAST course ugggggh," she wrote on Instagram. "IM ABOUT TO BE FREE . Courtzealia will make her last appearance in March and I’m def coming in that bitch with a LOOK."

Although her course is now over, in a separate video, Banks hinted that she may continue to take anger management classes. "Even though my anger management is done for court, I think I might stay in anger management because honey, the girls be upset," she says in the video.

Azealia is also gearing up for the release of her next album, Fantasea II: The Second Wave. In January, the rapper announced the project will be releasing in March 2018 via Entertainment One.

Check out snippets of Banks' "God's Plan" freestyle below.

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