The Azealia Banks-Elon Musk saga continues, for better or for worse. The latest development in the bizarre public feud came Monday (Aug. 20) via Banks' Instagram Story, in which she accused the tech billionaire's legal team of blackmail threats—perhaps in response to her earlier allegation that Musk tweeted his intention to take private his publicly traded car company Tesla while on acid.

"Elon got an attorney involved So I called one too," she wrote in a since-deleted post, screenshotted by Cheddar anchor Hope King. "They came up with all these threats of blackmail and said i had to turn in my phone if I didn't wanna go to jail."

Banks also posted screenshots of messages with an unnamed person, who Banks claims is Musk's girlfriend, the singer and producer Grimes, with whom the Harlem rapper planned to collaborate when she visited the tech mogul's Los Angeles home last week. (Banks compared her experience at the complex to the film Get Out.)

In one message, the person takes credit for one aspect of Musk's tweet earlier in August declaring that he would take Tesla private when its stock price reaches $420.

"He just got into weed cuz of me and he's super entertained by 420," reads the message, "so when he decided to take the stock private he calculated it was worth 419$ so he rounded up to 420 for a laugh and now the sec is investigating him for fraud." The next message reads, "cool!"

A spokesperson for Musk initially denied that the billionaire ever interacted with Banks, although he later confirmed seeing her Friday (Aug. 17) on his property in an interview with the The New York Times.

Banks' alleged conversation with Grimes includes several other odd statements, which only make the situation more confusing. In any case, it's a welcome change to see the "Anna Wintour" rapper pestering one of the world's richest men, rather than her fellow rappers. She previously called Musk a "beta male who took steroids and got hair plugs to convince himself he was alpha."

You can read screenshots of Banks' latest Instagram Story posts about Elon Musk below.

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