Azealia Banks is back in action on her music tip, and she's switching her style up this time around. While fans are used to the Harlem native incorporating some electric and dance sounds into her previous songs, Banks is tapping into her hardcore rapper flow on her new record "Chi Chi," out now via her new record label Global Records.

The "212" artist has been teasing the release of the new song for awhile now, and fans can finally feast their ears on the authentic rap tune, which dropped exclusively on her Cheapy XO website. Rhyming in a fast-paced flow over a hard-hitting beat, Azealia spits some braggadocio bars that speak on her lavish lifestyle ever since finding fame.

"Niggas, I be wildin' for that cheddar, for that paper/Island hoppin' in Bahamas, helicopter to Jamaica/Puerto Rican papi got that product and that peso/Get that perico on Broadway, Chi Chi get the yayo," Azealia raps on the track.

Even though she has made most headlines in the past due to her social media and outside-of-music behaviors, fans are pleased to see Banks back in her hip-hop element and keeping her focus on providing new tunes. We're not sure what the rapper is planning for the future, but this definitely gives some hope to her supporters that there could be a potential project on the way sometime down the line.

Listen to "Chi Chi" in full below or cop it on iTunes, and stay tuned for more updates on what's in store for the controversial hitmaker.

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