It was all bad just a week ago. But, in what can be considered a head-scratching plot twist in the Azealia Banks and Elon Musk saga, the Harlem rapper has issued an apology to the tech billionaire for the controversy she caused by recounting a stay at Musk's home where she allegedly saw him doing drugs and in a bad state.

Banks posted the apology to her Instagram Story on Saturday (Aug. 25). In it, she says she feels "terrible about everything," and offers a seemingly heartfelt apology "for all of the painful events you’ve endured over the past week." She goes on to say that she hopes they can meet sometime in the near future.

This is a far cry from Banks' feelings following her stay at Musk's home a few weeks ago. Banks was there to work on music with Musk's girlfriend, singer Grimes. She initially blasted the Tesla co-founder. "I waited around all weekend while grimes coddled her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter while on acid," Banks said in a since-deleted Instagram Story, adding that "staying in Elon musks house has been like a real [life] episode of Get Out."

She added, "They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music. But his dumbass kept tweeting and tucked his dick in between his ass cheeks once shit hit the fan," referring to a tweet Musk sent out about possibly making Tesla a private company.

Musk initially denied ever meeting Banks. He later admitted to seeing her from a distance at his home but having no interaction with the rapper. Just a few days ago, Banks doubled down on her claims, alleging Musk's lawyer tried to blackmail her and take her phone.

Things done changed, we guess. Check out Banks' entire apology statement below.

"I feel terrible about everything. This is a strange situation to be in, and I’m not sure how to begin this letter. I guess I could start off by apologizing for all of the painful events you’ve endured over the past week, as I feel as though my actions have largely exacerbated them. It’s important you know that I came to your home without a single intention other than finishing a series of tracks with '', who I’d been in correspondence with since sometime around June and July.


Over the time spent liaising said collaborations, I was welcomed to a lot of personal information about you. The stuff made me feel awkward and uncomfortable about being privy to, yet I never had any intentions of ever using the information against you. What started off as a cat-fight lead to some seriously unexpected consequences and I sincerely apologize. In addition to the aforementioned 'extras,' I’ve also been told you are a fan of my music. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe in coincidence and I’d like to believe, that somewhere in another dimension or on another plane, this interaction happened harmoniously and resulted in positive outcomes for the both of us. This was not how I wanted to say hello.


If you are up for it, I’d like to meet you in person to properly and formally introduce myself to you. After all, we are now the co-stars of pop culture’s latest fan-fiction 😉. I hope this letter finds you in the best spirits. Wishing you life, luck, love, health peace and prosperity."

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