Axel Leon refuses to let his foot off the gas. Five months after dropping his Liv Loud mixtape, the Bronx spitter has delivered his latest EP, Rich Port 3.

Like the other EPs in the Rich Port series, Axel concentrates on the gritty Bronx streets he was raised in, with a heavy focus on late 1970s/80s samples thanks to Navi Beats, the EP's sole producer. With this project, the "Bando" rhymer plans to take fans on a "sonic tour" of his hood as he seamlessly takes a modern approach on classic New York hip-hop, with Madeyouso cast as the only feature on the 11-track offering.

On "Free (Roll One)," Axel Leon plans on enjoying the fruits of his labor over a chopped-up version of Deniece Williams 70s classic, "Free." "Cash money like the old Stunna, from yacht parties to block parties the whole summer/The barbecues and the house parties, or the parking lot where everyone on the block party the whole summer/Turn your phones off, lets stay out 'til the next day/Lets catch it all on video, cassette tape/Bring that old vibe back, record off camcorders, no iPads/Cartier frames, all eyeglass," he spits.

"Rich Port 3 is inspired by Bronx drug lords from the 80s," Axel explains. "I want my fans to discover a new side of this dope dealing thing and hear the story that hasn't been told visually yet—I hope I put them on to something new. I don't see a better way to introduce my sound than with Rich Port 3."

The "Real Life" lyricist notably dropped Rich Port 3 on his birthday, June 8. Listen to the EP below.

Axel Leon's Rich Port 3 Tracklist

1. "Big Boy (Intro)"
2. "Jungle"
3. "Yacht Master"
4. "Big Willie Walk"
5. "BBS Dreams"
6. "BBS Dreaming (Skit)"
7. "Lights Flash" Featuring Madeyouso
8. "Obsession"
9. "Free (Roll One)"
10. "Karma" Featuring Madeyouso
11. "Farewell (Outro)"

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