Axel Leon is continuing his winter streak of dropping heat. Fresh off the release of his Juicus Christ album, the Bronx rapper gave fans their first sound of 2018 with his latest mixtape, Liv Loud, which dropped on Jan. 17. The eight-track tape is the first for Axel since inking a deal with Loud Records back in December.

There are no guest appearances on the new mixtape, but the project is dripping with old school hip-hop flavor in the form of samples. Axel showcases his signature street style flow while paying homage to New York legends on bangers like “Beware,” a freestyle featuring a sample from the Bronx’s very own Big Pun, and on “Get Away,” a Mobb Deep sample. Then there’s “C.R.E.A.M.,” the track  off of Wu Tang Clan’s famous 1993 track of the same name, in which Axel flexes for his city.

“I grew up up on the Bronx side/The you get jumped side/You never outside/You a lie/You won’t understand/I will underhand smack the shit out of you ‘til I shake the cement beneath where you fuckin' stand,” he raps.

Last year Axel spoke with XXL about the pride he has for his city, saying it was important for fans to know and understand the city that raised him. “This shit is up to the people to feel the vibes and understand where I came from," says Axel. "I’m using the talent God gave me to show ya’ll what it feels like for someone who’s been through what I’ve been through to get out these streets."

Stream Axel Leon's Liv Loud mixtape below.—Janice Williams

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