Awards show season ramps up toward the end of the year, but the summer still has the 2021 BET Awards before the fall and winter music ceremonies get underway. Last month, rappers both old and new attended the BET Awards to either be honored, win an award, perform or experience the moment. Fans tuned in to see what their favorite rappers wore on the red carpet or if those same artists went home a winner. While it’s the norm for rap fans to make their own predictions amongst friends and on social media when it comes to which rapper will win in each category, these days, there’s money to be made by taking those predictions and betting on them.

There are a number of websites (not only in the U.K.) that have expanded choices to include entertainment gambling these days. It’s not just reserved for sports fans. With the increasing number of U.S. states that have legalized gambling, betting and winning on these awards shows is now an option.

Did you predict Lil Baby would win Best Male Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards in June? What about Megan Thee Stallion taking home the win for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist? If your picks usually come out on top, entertainment gambling could be a new pastime if it’s legal in your area.

Looking ahead, some of the next awards shows coming up are the MTV Video Music Awards in September, the BET Hip-Hop Awards, which usually take place in October, plus the American Music Awards and People’s Choice Awards, both in November. And “Music’s Biggest Night,” the 2022 Grammy Awards, scheduled for January of next year.

If hip-hop is your favorite genre, and you think you’ve got the winners in the bag when it comes time for the awards to be announced, try placing bets by checking the mobile or online gambling options in your state.

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