August Alsina recently dropped a new song called “Drugs.” The New Orleans native has returned to the track to give it some interesting visuals. The music video sees a painted Alsina swimming with a couple beautiful ladies and singing about an addictive love.

“Guess you can't give me no answers/If I can't give you no ransom/You rather take your chances/And do shit the hard way/When you left that door open/Girl, I got the notion/You still had emotions/Guess silence is golden/Baby, when I tell you I want you, I want you bad/If not more than before, I want you more than the time before that,” Alsina sings.

Alsina recently announced that “Drugs” will serve as the title track of his next album. Last week, the former XXL Freshman spoke about the LP's theme in an Instagram post.

"I realized how addicted to certain ways of living life I was, addicted to chaos, drama, confusion,” he said. “Lately, for me, it’s been about breaking the cycle and creating a new normal. That new normal is love. I have a newfound addiction. Through love and beautiful women, I’ve been able to find myself, reach higher places within myself.”

Alsina has not announced a release date for Drugs, but the project should make for a big return following a quiet 2016. The Louisiana singer only did a few guest spots following the release of his This Thing Called Life album in December 2015.

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