Audio Push drop the video for "Planet Earth Is Live," their first single off of their upcoming album Last Lights Left. The song is co-produced by Price alongside Eric Choice. P and Oktane show off why they are two of the better rappers in hip-hop.

"I feel like JE, where the party at?/Got OG in my party pack/They check the watch, it's time to settle in/Hop out the drop, dripping melanin/I went to church and got baptized/Hit the block, it got strap-tized/Traumatized when my rep die/Another victim on the Leftside," raps Price

Ok comes in strong and hits it out of the park, "Okay, mayor status, hella playerlistic when I slide/Your favorite rapper ain't got flavor like this when I ride/Worldwide, everywhere I fly, they be screaming 'Tribe'/Get it tatted, smoke while you at it, planet earth is live/Free like the style that my niggas always kick/I charge for the high 'cause them niggas talk shit."

In the video, the duo can can be seen floating upside down, floating on air, all within an abandon warehouse. Watch the video below and be on the lookout for Last Lights Left to drop this year.

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