Atmosphere is releasing a new album. In an interview with Minnesota radio station The Current, the veteran hip-hop group reveals the album title, Fishing Blues, and releases the first single called "Ringo."

Fishing Blues will officially drop August 12 via Rhymesayers Entertainment. It consists of 18 tracks with guest features from the likes of Aesop Rock, DOOM and more.The Minnesota natives have dropped one song per month since September 2015.

"When I started releasing these singles, I was excited about trying new things, and before I knew it, me and Ant were making an album again," said Slug to The Current. "I was like, 'Why can we not break this structure? What do they call it, a mixtape?' You know, even though it's not a 'tape. 'We'll call it...'—but we couldn't. We put together a full record with too many songs."

The 43-year-old rapper continues, "It's an interesting thing to even consider the concept of the album right now because a lot of our contemporaries no longer necessarily care about that, but we're old! And we'll be stuck making albums forever because that's how I grew up. That's how I took music in when I was a kid."

Slug also explains the album title. "All the songs are about fishing, and I don't mean literally about fishing, but all the songs are about trying to secure something; trying to find something; fishing for compliments; fishing for validation; fishing for food, love, money."

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Atmosphere's most recent song "Windows" featuring Prof. You can view the album artwork above and the full tracklist below. To promote their album, Atmosphere also released the video for their new single "Ringo." 

Fishing Blues Tracklist

  1. "Like a Fire"
  2. "Ringo"
  3. "Besos"
  4. "Pure Evil" (feat. Ibe)
  5. "Perfect"
  6. "Seismic Waves"
  7. "Next To You" (feat. deM atlaS)
  8. "The S**t That We've Been Through"
  9. "When the Lights Go Out" (feat. DOOM & Kool Keith)
  10. "No Biggie"
  11. "Everything"
  12. "Chasing New York" (feat. Aesop Rock)
  13. "Sugar"
  14. "Fishing Blues" (feat. The Grouch)
  15. "Won't Look Back" (feat. Kim Manning)
  16. "Anybody That I've Known"
  17. "Still Be Here"
  18. "A Long Hello"

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