A heated exchange between Lil Wayne and audience members at Compound Nightclub in Atlanta last weekend may have led to Wayne's tour bus shooting this past Sunday (Apr. 26). According to TMZsources from the nightclub said Wayne got into an heated argument with several hecklers in the crowd while performing. Security eventually had to step in and kick the people out plus provide extra protection for Weezy after the show. What the fuss was about is not clear.

Witnesses told authorities that they saw the suspects drive off in two white vehicles. "Witnesses could only provide a limited description of the suspect vehicles,” said Atlanta police spokeswoman Elizabeth Espy, to the AJC. “They were described as two white vehicles, possibly a Corvette-style vehicle and an SUV.” Thankfully, the bus remained untouched and no one was reportedly injured.

The shooting took place within minutes after Weezy left the Atlanta nightclub. Coincidentally, Young Thug was in booed in Baton Rouge, LA during a show. In the video you can hear someone yelling “Hollygrove, n—a. Weezy!” from the audience. Thugger and the Young Money chief have been beefing ever since Thug tried to name his mixtape "Carter 6," which is a play off Wayne's Carter series. YT changed the tape name to Barter 6 and took numerous shots at Wayne, which Weezy has responded to.

Police continue to investigate and have no suspects at this time.