When it comes to fashion in hip-hop, A$AP Mob has definitely had an influence on the way people dress nowadays. From the Pyrex hoodies to the all black everything look, the collective hailing from New York has established itself as a trendsetting clan. With a group project on the way, and two street anthems blazing the tristate airwaves, XXL got a chance to sit down with A$AP Mob member Twelvy, who chopped it up about his style, Harlem swag and sneakers.

Where do you find the inspiration behind your style? Is there a brand in particular you rock? 
My brothers is wild fly, so I get inspiration from them. It's not really on some brand shit for me, it's more on the color scheme. I like black, so I'll just keep it all black. It doesn't matter if it's some black Nike sweats or some black double RRL's, I keep it real basic, but I do love wearing sweatsuits.

Favorite sneakers of all time?
My favorite pair of sneakers has to be the Aqua 8's. My second favorite pair would be any color of the LeBron 7 model. 

Do you remember the first pair of sneakers you ever bought with your own money? 
Oh, hell yeah! The first pair I ever bought with my own money was the LeBron 4 Away sneaker that came in white, black and red with the white base. I actually took somebody's Sidekick and sold that for a buck-fifty and bought those, so shout out to you! 

Tell me about the style in Harlem.
The style in Harlem stands out over everything and anything. You just know we some fly niggas. You never know what to expect from Harlem. We are always going to be on some different shit.

Give me five clothing brands that you wore a lot in your earlier days. 
I used to wear a lot of Nautica. Gap was also popping, so you cannot tell me that Gap was not popping back in the days. A lot of Polo of course, and we used to wear a lot of AND1 shorts and shirts—"We were Born Ready" [Laughs]. I really didn't have their sneakers, but I was definitely wearing a lot of their gear with the slogan. Y'all know about that. And Rocawear, I used to rock their jean suits, jean jackets and all that with the Nike Air Forces. 

Any plans of releasing your own clothing line in the future?
Nah, no plans of releasing a line as of yet. I'm focused on the music, but I do have some YNRE shirts out right now that you can buy at the A$AP Mob shop online. Besides, I only wear my shit, and of course V.Lone—shout out to them!

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