There was the inkling of beef between A$AP Mob and Travis Scott earlier this month, but now all seems to be well between the rappers.

The rumblings of turmoil started when A$AP Nast accused Scott of stealing the group's swag on Jan. 6. "Find your own bro. That’s all we want," Nast wrote in the since deleted Instagram post. When A$AP Rocky visited Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning show last week, the Harlem rapper brushed off any supposed tension he had towards Scott. Rocky said he didn't know him personally, but that he wasn't offended if Scott had been inspired by the A$AP movement.

Now, in a photo posted to Instagram Wednesday evening (Jan. 20) it appears the two rappers have gotten together to officially squash any semblance of ill regard. It is somewhat strange the photo doesn't come from either rapper's official accounts (Instagram account @travyscott is listed as a photo, music, and video account for the rapper) and in a resourced version of the photo, a caption theorizes that Ian Connor played a role in the get together. It is also possible that the meet up was coincidental.

The above photo appears to depict both Rocky and Scott aboard an airplane. Whatever the case, the two have now put an end to any rumors and are perhaps on their way to a future collaboration.

Rocky also revealed in the Hot 97 interview that fans mistake the braided rappers for one another, which also leads to confusion and frustration. As two of the most promising young talents in hip-hop today, it's a major step toward replacing beef with real music in 2016.

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