All trends move in cycles and the return of gold chains may be coming to an end as Lil Uzi Vert shows off his new insane multi-color diamond necklace. The piece cost a reported $100,000, with jeweler Ben Baller writing on Twitter, "In 12 years of making the craziest and most legendary jewelry, I am pretty sure I just made @LILUZIVERT the best work in my lifetime. Damn."

The chain is a replica of the rapper's Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World mixtape and comes with a helping hand from A$AP Rocky, who, along with Travis Barker, vouched on his behalf. As TMZ reports, Rocky introduced the two, and it was on after that. The chain is reportedly made up of 10,000 diamonds and gems, including pink, sapphire, white, canary and chocolate diamonds. If the links look familiar, they're similar to ones used in chains for Gucci Mane and Pharrell.

Baller tells TMZ he considers the chain in his top 3 and that Lil Uzi has already ordered a second piece. Peep the stunner down below, with a happy Uzi showing it off up top. The rising rapper is having a pretty great week, the new chain following up props he received from Erick Sermon at The Roots Picnic in New York. "A lot of people – people love him here tonight," the EPMD rapper said this past weekend. "And for us to come from that stage, and anybody who moved from my area and come in here to watch this man, mad respect.”

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