A$AP Rocky won't be tucking or ducking in light of Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, and he says Lil Uzi Vert shouldn't either. TMZ caught Rocky leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood Wednesday night (Oct. 5) and asked him whether or not he'll be scaling back his stunting in light of recent events. His response was to flash his many rings and say, "I'm modest."

Earlier this week it was reported that Rocky put in a good word for Lil Uzi Vert with renowned jeweler Ben Baller, resulting in an eye-popping $100,000 multi-colored diamond chain. “In 12 years of making the craziest and most legendary jewelry, I am pretty sure I just made @LILUZIVERT the best work in my lifetime. Damn,” Baller, who as well appears in the above video, wrote on Twitter. Rocky explains the connection saying, "Uzi family. Uzi came up with us," and advises those eyeing his new piece to stay away. "Niggas better not run up on Lil Uzi. My son Uzi got the uzi," he says.

Rocky shows off a new piece himself at the beginning of the clip, saying, "Shout out my son Ben Baller. Shout out to my bro French Montana for the good birthday gift, thank you Frenchie." Rocky turned 28 earlier this week (Oct. 3). He also notes that earlier in the night he saw Sylvester Stallone. "Rocky just met Rocky," he said, though they weren't able to take flick together.

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