A$AP Rocky continues to gear up for the release of his next album and today (April 20), shares his latest video for the new song, "Herojuana Blunts."

An ode to drugs of all types, the AWGE-directed video starts off with a "Don't do drugs" warning before quickly changing to "Let the drugs do you." From there, the trippy visuals feature shots of people smoking blunts, popping pills, snorting cocaine and shooting up heroin.

"Cocaine up in her veins/Actin' strange, she do it and they smokin' Mary Jane/Herojuana blunts, nigga/I ain't never flexin', never stunt/Cocaine up in her/Cocaine up in her veins, watch her do her dance/$20,000, what you want," Flacko raps, as his voice becomes distorted and muffled.

While the "Herojuana Blunts" video appears to be glorifying drugs, the visuals end with someone lying on a hospital bed, receiving a morphine injection and a prescription for Vicodin. The video ends with the message "Don't take drugs" and "No seriously don't take drugs."

Rocky's upcoming album doesn't have an official release date or title yet but the project is rumored to be called Testing. The "Bad Company" rapper previously said the forthcoming album is all about "testing new songs." Speaking with GQ, Rocky said, "I prefer to experiment and have my crowd grow with me and to reach new crowds. I don't just rap—I actually make music. That's why it takes time."

Watch the "Herojuana Blunts" video below.

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