With his third album finally complete, A$AP Rocky gives us another taste of the sounds we can expect to come on the anticipated project. The Harlem rapper releases a brand new song called "Cocky" featuring Gucci Mane and 21 Savage, which comes off the Uncle Drew motion picture soundtrack.

The new record, produced by London On Da Track, is the first song to release off the all-star soundtrack for the film, out June 29. After Gucci Mane leads the track with the chorus, Savage kicks things off on the first verse, going in over the catchy instrumental. When the Atlanta rhymer kicks things off, he makes a reference back to his hit single, "Bank Account."

"I got so many M's in my bank account, I can't even count ’em," the Savage Mode creator rhymes. "Too many whips, way I switch my car, I can't even mount 'em/Too many zeros with ’Sace pillows in my Phantom/Too many bad bitches, I don't cuff ’em, I just hand them."

Rocky incorporates the basketball theme from the upcoming movie on the second verse, boasting about his ability to make women swoon over him.

"Girlies buckle at the knees, swerve 'em like the other team/You can still hear the sneaks (swoosh)," he raps. "Call ’em innocent thuggeries/Make a cheerleader cream, so what she on the other team?/For the cameras say your cheese, rap game like the league."

Guwop finishes off the record with some signature-styled lyrics, making sure to let listeners know that the new level of rappers don't compare to his veteran status.

"Don't group me with these rappers, these boys embarrassing me/Them dudes ain't got nothing on me I got a money disease," he spits. "I'm too cold for these suckers they ain't got more money than me/I wear my mink in the summer when its 103."

Fans are impatiently awaiting the arrival of A$AP Rocky's forthcoming third album, but there's no details on the official title or release date just yet. He's already dropped multiple songs to tease the project, including "Above," as well as "Five Stars" with DRAM.

Take a listen to Rocky's new song "Cocky" with Gucci and 21 Savage below to hear what he's been cooking up.

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