The alleged victim in A$AP Rocky's assault case is reportedly not a native of Sweden and has a history of drug use.

The Daily Mail reported Thursday (July 25) that the alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari, is an Afghan immigrant who migrated to Scandinavia around 2014. He currently lives in a hostel with other youths from Afghan about 20 miles from Stockholm where the fight with Rocky occurred.

The prosecution papers against Rocky, acquired by Daily Mail, detail WhatsApp messages police obtained from Rocky's manager, John Ehmann, to Rocky in a group chat about the incident.

Among the texts was a message that from Ehmann that read, "The guy was on meth and was assaulting girls and harassing Rocky and crew." Daily Mail noted that Jafari has a prior conviction for possession of Tramadol, which is a painkiller.

Further texts reportedly show that Ehmann was confident that Rocky would walk free and not be charged, but that was not the case, as the rapper has been in a Swedish prison since July 2.

Elsewhere in the 552-page case file were details of Jafari's alleged injuries. He told police he was left unconscious after they shattered a bottle on his head, and that he was then hit with the broken bottles and kicked in his head. Pictures show wounds on both sides of his head and his legs, and he told police he believes his nose was broken as well. He also claimed he did not know that any celebrity was involved.

Jafari's statement to police claimed that Rocky's crew took his headphones after he asked them where his friend had gone, and when he told them he wanted his headphones back, one man told him, "Don't follow me." He said things escalated "incredibly fast" and he was soon beaten up behind the Adidas store in Stockholm by "about five men."

He also noted that "three or four girls" witnessed the event, but it is unclear whether they will be included in the trial—which could start as soon as next Tuesday.

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